Nifty Nails




Spa Manicure $25

Moisturizing hand soak, shaping & trimming nails, cuticle care, massage, and polish of your choice.

Deluxe Manicure $38

All the benifit of Spa Manicure plus exfoliating sugar scub, moisturizing mask wrapped with the hot towels, extended massage and regular poish.

Deluxe Manicure with Gel Color $53

All the benefits of the Spa Manicure plus exfoliating sugar scrub, moisturizing mask wrapped in warm towel, extended massage & gel polish

Nifty Nails Manicure $48

This luxurious spa manicure will soothe fired hand, leaving them baby soft. Including the spa manicure with sugar scub, mask, parafin wax and hot towels wrap. Your choice of sense: lavender, Sun-Kissed, Milk and Honey, Cappuchino.

Nifty Nails Manicure with Gel Color $63

This luxurious spa manicure will soothe fired hands, leaving them baby soft. Including the spa manicure with mask, sugar scrub, paraffin, and hot towel wrap. Your choice of sugar scrub: Lavender, Cappuccino, Sun-Kissed, or Milk & Honey.

Gel Manicure $40

Moisturizing hand soak, shaping & trimming of nails, cuticle care, gel polish, and hand massage.

Polish Change Toes/ Nails with Lacquer $15
Polish Change Toes/ Nails with Gel Color $30


($15 more for gel color)

Indulge yourself with our most luxurious package of pedicure. This service includes nail trimming and reshaping, cuticle gromming and callus removal, exfoliating with sugar scrub. Collagen cream mask and Collagen lotion to give the skin silky soft result. Paraffin wax and extra 10 minutes massage with hot oil Candle as well as Collagen socks deliver anti-aging benifits.

2. Spa Pedicure $40

Including nail and cuticle trim and shape, and callus removal. Feet and Leg massage with sugar scrub, hot towel, lotion, and polish.

3. Peppermint $50

Cooling peppermint essential oil delivers a cool brisk sensation using sea salt. A cooling gel, extra massage, special cream, and callus removal are included in this option. Your feet will feel cooler and lighter.

4. Cappuccino $60

The energizing boost of Caffeine plus the rich tantalizing smell of coffee Aroma is designed to get you up & going. The Paraffin wax will rejuvenate your feet. Recommend for coffee lovers!

5. Lavender $60

This therapeutic pedicure treatment begins with Lavender foot soak. An exfoliating salt scrub and hydrating mask wrapped in a warm towel will then be used. Lavender massage oil & paraffin wax soothe & calm your tired feet. Recommended for tired feet!

6. Sun-kissed $60

Rejuvenate your feet with the invigorating properties of essential sun-kiss oils. A gentle application of orange scrub followed by a Mask & butter massage leaves the feet with a soft, smooth & refreshed feeling. Paraffin wax will soften your heels and relax your feet muscles. Recommended for tired or dull-looking feet!

7. Milk & Honey $60

This luxurious treatment is intended for dry feet. Milk & Honey plus Paraffin wax infuses skin with deep hydration that lasts to keep your feet happy. Recommended for dry feet!

8. Organic Green Tea Pedicure $70

The soothing qualities of antioxidant teas plus the relaxing aroma are sure to calm and restore the soul. Enjoy a Green Tea scrub developed with natural sugar crystal to reduce calluses and banish dry, rough skin. Antioxidant Green Tea protects and repairs the skin. This treatment focuses on skin renewal and protection from free radicals and premature aging.

9. Tropical Citrus $60

Exfoliating scrub with the tropical citrus to reduce calluses, and banish dry, rough skin. Plus mask with shea butter extracts. Paraffin wax and your nails are then polished with the color of choice.

10. Cucumber $60

Delivers gentle hydration and a soothing massage. Cucumber sugar scrub, mask, paraffin, oil, and your nails are polished with the color of your choice.

11. Papaya $60

Papaya sugar scrub, mask, hot towel paraffin, oil and color of your choice.



Gel Extension $60
Full Set Gel Hybrid $70
Fill Gel Hybrid $60


Full Set $45 & Up
Fill In $35 & Up


Full Set $70 & Up
Pink Fill $50 & Up
Pink & White Fill $60 & Up


Full Set $55 & Up
Fill In $45 & Up


Full Set $70 & Up
Fill In $60 & Up


(Add-on: dip removal with service $5)
Dip Polish Change $45 & Up
Dip with Tips $55 & Up
Dip with Cuticle Care $50 & Up
Dip with French $52 & Up
Ombre Dipping $60 & Up


Cut Down ( with Fill-in) $5
Coffin, Stiletto, Almond Shape $5
Long Nail $5 & Up
Fix Nail $5 & Up
Cuticle Trim with Service $5
Soak-off Acrylic with Service $10
Soak off Acrylic without Service $20
Dip Removal without Service $13
Dip Removal with Service $5
Gel soak off without Service $12
French $5 & Up
Buffing Shine $5
Paraffin Feet/Hands $10 / $7
Cut down on Natural nails with out the service. $15


7 Years & Under

10 years old and under

Manicure $15
Pedicure $30
Polish Change on Toes $10
Polish Change on Nails $8
Mani & Pedi Combo $45
Polish Change on Toes $8

8-11 Years Old



Eyebrow Arch $15
Upper Lip $10
Chin $10
Forehead $20
Under Arm $25
Sideburns $20

All Equipment Are Disinfected Between Users using the dry heat sterilizer

All Nails File/buffers are Discarded After Use.

Complimentary Drinks for Your Enjoyment: Soft Drinks & Water